December 09, 2012

The Period of Hibernation (2008-2010)

This period of time is very frustrating and depressing, I lost a lot of time just to live the demands of urban life, I turned into metropolis robots whose lives are ruled by time and money, I really missed the smell of wet paint and the texture of the canvas, I miss wild ideas filled my head. I miss the process of nurturing ideas and creating artwork. So these days of darkness, I was not human, i was alienated from humanity, people are just too busy looking for money, they look very individualistic, even friends look like stranger to me. in the end of 2010 finally i make only one work, my process of finding the lost fragment between spaces at least give me one thing, a contemplation of finding myself in the metropolitan city. That's why i make this painting. I feel there's an empty spaces between the last time i create my work and it  feels like loosing a chain of my own melody of life.

Title: Unchained Melody, Medium: Acrylic & Beads collage on canvas, Year: 2010

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