December 09, 2012

The period of cultural confusion (2011-2012)

At the end of 2010 is the beginning of re-inventing myself, mid-2011 I get a chance to go to Yogyakarta, according to my parents it was the place where my ancestor (from my mom) came from. it was a great opportunity for me to continue my masters studies in ISI Yogyakarta, at the same time it's an opportunity to find answers about my cultural confusion. i remember on my period of womanhood conception, i make one painting that question about my Javanese cultural heritage, i was confuse of who i am, as a person with Javanese bloodline why i don't understand about Java at all, about Javanese woman, Javanese patriarchy concept, Philosophy, etc. So then on 2011-2012 i make 3 works that represented my question about culture itself, and the conclusion that i got is that i am standing nowhere surpass from Java and modern culture, i realize that i am alienated, i am alien.

Title: In Search Of Java, Medium: Oil & Beads Collage on Canvas, Size: 100x150cm, 2011

Title: Urbanillusion, Medium: Acrylic & Beads Collage on Canvas, Size: 100x150cm, 2011

Title: Cultural Mutation, Medium Acrylic & Beads Collage on Canvas, Size:100x150cm, 2012

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