December 09, 2012

The Period of Womanhood Conception (2006-2008)

When I am fighting for the conception of womanhood, i believe in equality between man & woman, i fight for it and i expressed it through my work but then i realize that some woman feels comfortable with their subordinate position, some woman thinks that silence is a power to control, some woman thinks their double burden as domestic housewife is a form of their dedication to their family. Well, maybe that makes them happy. I cannot blame them for their comprehension, we can fight and try to stand for other woman but then in the end we choose our own path, we free to decide. So then I understand that there is equality when we can put ourselves in that position. My understanding led me to a conclusion, I am not the right person to raise the issue of discrimination, because I feel that discrimination does not happen to me. What i have to do is to convince the marginalized women to fight for their rights, and put ourselves on the same level with others. My work from 2006-2008 mostly talking about womanhood conception using symbolic metaphor, the medium i use is acrylic and beads collage on canvas, my brush stroke was influenced by traditional pangosekan Balinese painting style, i combine it with sparkling beads collage and soft spray of airbrush techniques.

Title: Journey of The Golden Crown, Size: 60x80cm, Medium: Oil on Canvas, Year: 2006
I paint this, when i am in the mood of being romantic, LOL

Title: Once Upon a Dream, Size: 40x70cm Medium: Oil on Canvas, Year:2007
I paint this when i feel depress with my own nightmares and fears
during my study on an art department in one of a state university in Jakarta (UNJ)

Title: Mother Complicated,  Size: 150x100cm Medium: Oil on Canvas, Year: 2007
This oval rattan framed painting tell us about the fact that woman
who lives in a patriarchal culture, they have to deal with double burden problems,
as a Java's woman i have to admit that condition is still exist for several woman in my country.
Title: Freedom of Mine, Size:100x40cm, Medium: Oil on Canvas, Year:2007
Nothing can boxed me, i am a free

Title: Temptation of the Adams, Size: 60x80cm, Medium: Acrylic & Beads Collage on Canvas, 2007
Man mostly attracted to physical beauties of woman, and woman doesn't much different with man
woman also attracted to the beauties of man. So beauty wasn't belong to woman's only

Title: Moneygamy, Size:70x90cm, Medium: Acrylic & Beads Collage on Canvas, 2007
 Polygamy man knows how to fish materialistic woman with their money.
Of course, money can't buy love---without cheapening it, LOL

Title: The Matchmaker, Size:70x90, Medium: Acrylic & Beads Collage on Canvas, 2008
Unity in Diversity, Pancasila brings equality in any context
Title: Girl Talks, Size: 40x70cm, Medium: Acrylic & Beads Collage on Canvas, 2008
 Lipstick, shoes, cooking, make up, jewelery.. gah, girl talks..
 wait!!! who said so?? why can that be so girly.. who labeled it anyway..
Title: Marketing in Venus, Size:70x90cm, Medium: Acrylic & Beads Collage on Canvas, 2008
 Woman considered as the biggest shopping spender,
we have no idea how many variety of product that have been produced for them.
Title: Grass Roots, Medium: Oil & Beads Collage on Canvas, Size: 80x50cm, Year: 2008
 when a woman treated as minority and bonded by the roots of patriarchy.
Title: Am i Javanese?, Medium: Oil on Canvas, Size: 80x90cm, 2008
 Java is my legacy, but living in big city fading my memory of what my culture is.
I just can't understand the concept of Java's philosophy & patriarchy
I cannot understand my own culture, am i Javanese? i doubt that now

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